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March, 2008
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  Toc toc...is anybody here? J So long....Though I stopped updating the site, I'm SO glad so many people still visit the site and like it. By the way, I'm writing this in order to inform everybody out there that I'm selling a nice piece of merchandise,one of the only 10.000 pieces ever made worldwide of this one

The box/dvd's/(stunning) garage kit are in absolutely mint conditions (may I say "new"?) and I'm selling the whole package (which is still inside Gainax original carton box...) for a nice price I think, if compared to the original one or even the one nowadays.

Also, if you're interested, I can make an eBay auction with the "Buy it now" option on, in order to make the selling protected by their safe commercial policies.

Do you want more info? Just send me an e-mail. Cheers!

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