Nadia Merchandise: dvd

Nadia Merchandise: DVD

October 30th 2001: Nadia DVD Box has been released!

On October 30th 2001, finally every Nadia fan's dream has come true! A stunning DVD box of "The secret of blue water" has been released! Limited to 10.000 copies, this wonderful piece of art won't disappoint those who'll be so lucky to get it before it's sold out.

On the left, there's a nice picture of the box. If you roll over it with your mouse, you'll see the box from another point of view.

Let's get a look inside...On the right, you can see the stuff I'll mentione below, step by step.

Let's start with DVDs! Six cases, a total of 11 discs. The 11th is probably the most interesting one, since it features all the omakes, an half dozen kinds of opening and ending videos, the original Japanese TV advertisement and a collection of new music videos dedicated to every mecha in the series.

Inside the carton box (with a wonderful new Sadamoto's picture stamped on...and Gargoyle is painted without his mask!!), then, are enclosed 2 small "artbooks", one full of images and the second one with sketches, the history of the anime and pages and pages of [Japanese] text..If anyone has the box and would like to translate it in English for this site, could you contact me here? Thanks!

Here's the wonderful Nadia & King garage kit ! Unfortunately for model makers, it's already assembled and painted but, ehi, that's a great thing for those who still think vinyl is just for 7'' and 12'' old records JJ

Finally, here are technical info:

Catalog ID: King Records KIBA-9609 - 18
Format: DVD Zone 2 -Europe/Japan- (NTSC)
Language: Japanese only, no English subtitles
Price: „58,000 + tax (urgh!)

Being my site featured on the ADV Films Official Press Release list, you'll find here all the newest info about any of their products which will be on market soon, such as the forthcoming (and amazing) DVD's !

April 6, 2001

ADV Films Announces Release of
Nadia: Secret of Blue Water: The Adventure Begins

ADV Films is proud to announce the home video and DVD of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water: The Adventure Begins, the latest children's animated title from the #1 distributor of Japanese animation in North America.

The World's Fair, Paris, 1889: a young inventor crosses paths with an enigmatic girl and her pet lion.  Suddenly they find themselves pursued by a villainous trio intent upon stealing the magical Blue Water.  Thus begins an epic adventure inspired by Jules Verne's masterpiece 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Join Nadia and Jean as they travel the high seas in search of Nadia's homeland and her past, their only clue the mysterious jewel Nadia wears. Can they unravel the Secret of the Blue Water before it is too late?

This June, just in time for summer, ADV Films brings this treasure to English-dubbed VHS ($19.98 srp) and also to DVD ($29.98 srp), which will include the English dub and the original Japanese version of Nadia with English subtitles. Check out Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, the animated series beloved by millions, and discover the secret for yourself!

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North America's #1 distributor of top-of-the-line Japanese animation ("anime"), with titles such as Sailor Moon, Samurai X and Neon Genesis Evangelion.  ADV Films, along with distributing top-quality, computer-animated titles such as ReBoot® and Shadowraiders(tm), and science fiction hits like Farscape, also produces American and Japanese live-action programming for theatrical and
broadcast release.  Check out ADV Films on the web at

Nadia: Secret of Blue Water:The Adventure Begins
Running Time: 100 minutes; Age Rating: 12+

Pre-Book Date: 5/22/01
Street Date: 6/19/01

Format SRP
VHS $19.98
DVD $29.98




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